Digital Printing Chronicles

Printing digitally is a technology that permits the linking of printing presses to computers which proves beneficial in a number of ways: faster turnaround times, lowered production and setup costs, and the ability to personalize documents easier. This fairly new technology is prominent in the printing industry because it’s simply a more efficient way of printing.Get more information at offset printing website.

When referring to digital printing you should be aware there are a couple of different ways to describe it, Short-Run printing, and On-Demand printing; each term is used interchangeably. For a good resource on printing terms check out Also check out the Do’s and Don’ts of printing.

The Digital Process- Gathering your information, i.e. image, text, or both through an analog means like scanning in your document or through a digital means like a digital camera or word processor document.

Converting your information; your file format needs to be converted to a useable file, such as TIFF, or EPS.
Setting your layout.
Printing can start almost immediately after your design and layout is set.
-Printing Methods in the Digital Realm: There are many different ways of printing in the digital printing realm.

Inks and Substrates in Digital Printing
Electronic printers today can use a wide variety of inks to print and can print on various substrates. Ranging from photo-glossy and matte papers and various watercolor and canvas papers, these substrates can take different inks like dye-based inks and pigment based inks. Not all substrates can be used with all kinds of inks. Check with your digital printing company to make sure you get the right combination of substrates and inks for your desired results.